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Heather Nixon Photography is a premier boudoir portrait photographer located in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. With my all-female team, we provide a luxurious boudoir portrait experience that is always centered around you. Our focus is always on making you not only look beautiful, but also to truly make you FEEL it, too. 

It's about defining who you are and everything you believe about yourself on your own terms.

Boudoir is not just about the lingerie, the makeup, or the pretty pictures.

I can't wait to meet you!

I myself struggled with self love throughout the years.

I’m the photographer and owner behind Heather Nixon Photography! When somebody asks me why I chose to be a photographer of women, I tell them that women struggle enough in this world. We struggle with the way society has told us to fit in a specific box. We struggle with our shape, our weight, and most of all our self confidence. I want to help women love who they are, not who society tells them they should be.

I questioned how beautiful I was for most of my young adult life. I was always searching for someone to tell me just so I could believe it. After three pregnancies and going through the struggle of divorce and finding who I was again, I realized that inner self love and the confidence I so eagerly yearned for had to come from within. Nobody was going to fill that gap of self love that I so desperately ached for unless I loved myself first. Accepting who I was through every phase, step, and journey that this beautiful life took me on became my number one priority. My job today is to share that with you through boudoir and help you find it so you can embrace exactly who you are, as you are.

Hey there,
I'm Heather!


"Best experience of my life! Heather made me feel comfortable and confident from the start! I went in worried I would only like a few pictures and ended up walking away with over 50! I am still blown away! Thank you Heather for being so incredible!"

My favorite part of the studio is working with all natural light. I shoot Boudoir Sessions during the middle part of the day when the sun is at its highest and brightest. This helps give your images the best highlight to your skin while making colors vibrant and sharp! Because of the way sun shines through, we’re also able to use the shadows to our advantage to make beautiful portraits for you!

The Studio

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"I was on the fence about doing it for so many reasons. I struggled to find pieces that I thought looked good but on me . Heather's client closet is amazing and I only ended up wearing 2 of the 6 pieces I brought. It's a big investment that I felt guilty about spending on myself. Heather has payment plans. Why am I doing a boudoir shoot when I'm getting divorced? I suffered narcissistic abuse and needed a reminder of what a bad bitch I really am.

Seriously y'all, I almost cancelled my appointment more times than I can count. I'm so glad I didn't let my self doubt and hangups keep me from experiencing this day. And that's exactly what it is....an experience. Heather has this natural way of making you feel so at ease. We laughed through the entire shoot."

You won't regret it!

Just do the damn thing!

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"What an amazing experience! Heather was thoughtful, professional, supportive, and amazingly creative! As a woman of a certain age (lol) and retired from the military, she guided me through the very personal process, and together we produced some pretty fabulous photographs! I did my research around DFW, looked around at what many photographers were doing, and selected her based on the quality of her work and reviews about her. She absolutely did not disappoint! If your on the fence about doing this - jump off and make an appointment! She’s amazing, and she will make sure you know you are Just as amazing by the time she is done working her magic!"

What an amazing experience!

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I had such an amazing time with Heather and her team today! I was nervous to an extent, but had stalked Heather’s work so much that I knew I was in the right hands. Instantly it was like I had known her forever. She made me feel very comfortable! She guided me from my outfits to posing to selecting my final images!

I am blown away by her work. If you have been considering doing a boudoir photoshoot Then Heather is your girl! I traveled over 5 hours. Got a hotel room and did my shoot!

I will do it again!

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Heather and her team (I worked with Sam and Audrey) helped me see my true beauty and I felt absolutely comfortable. It was a very professional experience while still being personalized to me and what I wanted out of it.

Heather posed me from head to toe and we had so much fun chatting in between shots! She had encouraging words always and tailors your session to your preferences and comfort level which I love. Highly recommended!

An absolute dream of a photoshoot!

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Heather and her team made me feel welcome and at home during my shoot. I walked in feeling nervous but they helped it fade away within a few minutes of being there. The end result of hair and make up made me feel like another person and the pictures were AMAZING!

 They left me literally speechless– I cried! I would definitely book another session with her.

Wonderful women!

Through the power of Boudoir, I will show you that no matter your size or shape, I will pose you in a way that brings out your best features.

You don't  need a reason to book a boudoir session, let's just celebrate this time in your life and the skin that you're in.  Whether this is a gift for someone special– or a gift to yourself– you deserve this. Not only will you look and feel beautiful, this experience will empower you!

My goal is to  capture you exactly how you are because you are beautiful!   I am so passionate about being a boudoir photographer and  my incredible clients!  I  would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to  work with you! 

You're worth it.

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