3 Reasons To Book A Boudoir Session.

April 19, 2023

When I first starting doing phone consultations for my clients, I quickly began to realize the top 3 reasons why women choosing to book a boudoir session with us at our boudoir studio here in Dallas Texas. Talking to women of all different ages, background, with a wide range of cultures, one thing remained the same. Each client was looking for an extra confidence boost, they just needed a reason to do it.

Confidence can play a huge roll in actually doing a boudoir session. Most clients that walk through my doors are scared out of their mind at the idea of stripping down to their undergarments in front of my lens. That is why I like to send clients a prep guide leading up to their session though, that way they know EXACTLY what to expect that day. Even then, finding lingerie and outfits to wear can be stressful. Offering my clients the option to take advantage of my client closet filled with over 350 lingerie piece has been very important for that step! Lots of pieces I have in the client closet can be found on www.amazon.com, www.fashionnova.com, www.shein.com, and www.torrid.com.

Choosing lingerie pieces is just one of the many stresses that can go into a boudoir session, but before we even get there, you had a reason you wanted to book a session.

One of the biggest reasons I find women choosing to do a boudoir session, is for their spouse! A boudoir session can be the perfect gift for a significant other for their birthday, anniversary, or a just because gift. I find that the most popular time is around Christmas and Valentines day. However, in my personal opinion, there is never a bad time to gift the gift of boudoir to someone!

The second biggest reason I find, is women choosing to do it just for themselves. A boudoir session can be a huge confidence boost, especially if you’re a mother to young kids, or a seasoned mom soon to be grandma. We sometimes lose out flame or “spark” and we need that extra confidence boost. If you haven’t yet, fill out our contact form and let’s chat!

The last and third reason I find women wanting to book a boudoir session is to just simply gain back their confidence. In some ways, it’s tied into the second reason, which is doing it for themselves. However, I have lots of clients that choose to do a boudoir session and their self esteem and self confidence is at an all time low and doing a boudoir session is what they’re hoping will help build it back!

Women all over, choose to do boudoir sessions for a multitude of reasons. These are 3 reasons that I find women are choosing to book a boudoir session with us here at Heather Nixon Photography in Dallas Texas. If you’re interested in booking your own session with us, or have questions about how a session works here in the studio, check out our website HERE and fill out our contact form. We would love to help you gift your boudoir images to someone, or simply boost that confidence!

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