Couples Boudoir, A Fun Day Date

May 18, 2023

Heather Nixon is a Dallas boudoir photographer that specializes in individual and couples photography sessions. She’s been photographing clients for over 5 years, with posing experience of all body types. Plus size photography, being one of her specialities!

Over the past 5 years, I’ve had to privilege of photographing countless powerful women for their boudoir sessions. One of my favorite forms of boudoir photography though, is couples boudoir photography. Boudoir couples photography can be an intimate experience that helps reignite a flame in a relationship. It can help bring back that passion that was once lost. It can also be just a fun day date. If you’re looking for a fun day date to have with your spouse in the DFW area, I’ve got you covered.

Read below about this couples story and why they chose to do a boudoir sessions!

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before? If so, how does your shoot with Heather compare to your prior experience?

I have not but it was a lot of fun. My husband was not sure at all what to expect and this blew his expectations out of the water.

What was your favorite part of the session?

My favorite part was seeing my husband’s face in certain poses or his comments on how I looked. But seeing the final product altogether was the best thing ever. Seeing his eyes light up with me feeling like a total bad ass was worth EVERY penny.

What did doing this shoot do for your self confidence, self worth, and self image?

My husband and I got together and we gained the happy couple weight. I pushed off the shoot a few months due to us buying a house and needing to prioritize our health. I know we both went into the day with our own insecurities and “I wish” statements about our weight/looks. Men have them too. The chemistry Heather captured between us in addition to the angles we never see ourselves are something so much greater than what we were expecting. Seeing the look on my husband’s face when we were picking photos and me being stubborn to not get rid of certain ones of him, it made me very aware of how differently we see ourselves compared to how others view us. It helped my confidence in the sense that, I look like this all the time, regardless of hair and makeup. I have worn the lingerie a few times after the shoot to make myself feel sexy, get my husband in the mood, or just to remind myself of the feeling I had when I saw the pictures for the first time. (I even wore it under an outfit when we went out a few weekends ago.) I needed to stop feeling like I needed to save it for a special occasion, because every day is special, and waiting for a “special moment” makes it more stressful I have found. Being spontaneous and taking advantage of our time now is what makes it better. Since the shoot, both of us have a little more pep in our step, and my husband has said he has seen a change in me. He can’t put his finger on what exactly, but he says something is just lighter in general. I think me seeing me from his angles helped a lot when it comes to my confidence, because we are so quick to judge or talk ourselves down when we see one little mark or extra fluff. I was always so hard on myself no matter what size I was, just due to being a girl growing up in the 2000’s. It sucks to constantly see what we are compared to and not want to say those mean things to yourself. But since that day I have approached it with “Because I love myself and he loves my body, I need to treat it as such”. and since then, I have had more genuine confidence in myself, my relationships with others, and even in the bedroom.

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?|

I was expecting the photography (step-by-step, posing, off-the-cuff decisions) part as a lot of my friends are photographers and I have been in different activities as a kid so I am used to it. My husband was not expecting it to be a classy affair at all. Granted, men think boudoir is hyper sexual, and a private thing since women usually do it for a wedding gift. (But that’s because women’s bodies tend to be viewed as property or only for their husbands pleasure. That has gotten a lot better with time but watching his past thoughts get shattered was fucking awesome. He is by no means sexist, but even the most open-minded of men dont understand why a woman values certain things until he experiences it with her. So this is one of those things.)

Me personally, I noticed growing up that anything related to self-love, body appreciation, sex positive, or even just non-conservative ANYTHING is always seen as selfish or taboo. Being positive about your body and appreciating it should not be, nor should it have ever been, viewed as anything but positive and healthy. We are both so happy we did it together and it has had quite a positive impact on us, and our sex life to boot!

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